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Our Community

  Together in Christ, prayer and study of the Bible we grow stronger. Together we can strengthen one another and encourage each other. Living out life as God intended. Together we make a difference.  Together we can change the world through Christ. We serve Christ through supporting missions for abused families, supporting children in Africa and encouraging our youth to live Godly lives. Pastor Goshert is the huddle coach for Arapahoe Fellowship of Christian Athletes and he leads his congregation by teaching the truth as it is written in the bible. 

Kids in Church

Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Calling

Our mission at Rivervalley Evangelical Free Church is to be compassionate, inclusive and to walk with Jesus. Through gospel, service, worship and missions, we bring God closer to our hearts and closer to the hearts of those around us. As a fellowship of believers, we have the honor of proclaiming the glory of Christ to one another in a loving and caring setting.

Church Altar

Our Values

Our congregation is fueled by a firm belief in the teachings of our Lord, and when we are together under the holy spirit of God — we become one. We welcome you to join our community and discover His power in your life. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more. We are always open to visitors and new worshippers who want to come and pray among us.

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